A reluctant blogger…

It all started quite innocently.  I was expecting my first son in October of 2006 and joined a forum for other moms-to-be.  Thus began my foray into the realm of BFP’s and LOL’s and DH’s and all the rest.  Then came Facebook.  Didn’t even fight it.  After being sucked in to the point where I would neurotically check Facebook updates several times a day, the novelty passed, and it has diminished and become a useful social networking tool.  But this was all before I started reading other people’s blogs.  Then I discovered the world of smartly written opinion pieces, social commentary, or just links to things that made me laugh.  It’s like how you can’t stop eating after just one chip.  There is ALWAYS something of interest out there and someone interesting writing about it.  Which is why I arranged my Google Reader account yesterday.  And why I started my own blog today.

I feel like I should offer a whole truckload of disclaimers here, for there is something inherently arrogant about starting a blog.  There’s the normal part of self-expression, but then there’s also the assumption that someone would actually want to read my thoughts.  I’ve journaled ever since I can remember, but there’s a hidden-ness to that, a protection about the secrecy.  Sure, I used to daydream that people one day would read my profound reflections on seventh-period study hall, but I didn’t actually hand the journal over to my classmates.  Or my teachers.  Or my parents.  Or any other person who might have a passing interest.

So, like it or not, I’ve made the slow march from the Luddite ranks through the baby steps of social networking…to the blog.  It’s a scary world out there, fellow bloggers, but I am stepping out, throwing off the shackles of reluctance, and overcoming my unwillingness to join the conversation.  Besides, I have a book to promote.  Try to ignore the inconsistency.  I have difficulty admitting I’m confident enough to post my thoughts on-line for everyone to read, but I have no problem thrusting a whole novel on anyone who will listen and saying, “Read it!  Read it!”

The key difference being: the novel is not about me.  It’s about Una Fairchild, an extraordinary girl who is worth reading about.  You’re interested, you say?  Well, keep checking back in.  As soon as the time is right, I’ll post more about UNA here.




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4 responses to “A reluctant blogger…

  1. Ash

    I was browsing through an AW thread and ended up here…

    Anyway…Welcome to the blogging world!

    I wouldn’t say there’s something inherent about blogging,more like humans are attention seeking whores but at different levels.Remember its the exhibitionists that make entertain the world all around. 🙂

    You have an interesting style of writing in which I can ‘hear’ your voice, I will check back from time to time for updates 😀

  2. Kate

    Hey Marissa,

    It’s Kaitlin (from church)…:)

    Welcome to the blogging world!! I’m starting my 6th blog today (!!!!) and I recently joined a dollhouse forum (we’re the crazy “miniature” enthusiasts who ‘kit-bash’ their own houses together!!!)…

    Stu and I were just talking about how weird it is to watch the earlier X-Files and realize that the govt. had internet long before we did (and you can see how a lot of people have trashed it up…no wonder the govt. kept the netz for itself for a while!!) and that was in the early 90’s!! So weird how far we’ve come in just 10 years!

    I am interested in reading your book!! 🙂 Let me know how it goes w/ the publishing company…Stu and I are both writers (although he’s the professional one I just write for fun and I need to start that up again…)

    Enjoy the ‘netz and blogging world there’s so many great things out there!! Here are some of my favorite sites:

    ihasahotdog.com or icanhascheezburger.com
    hulu.com (this is one of my top fives)
    and my hubby’s site – harlancone.wordpress.com 🙂


  3. marissaburt

    Ash – thanks for checking in. And you are right about exhibitionists being entertaining. You just hope someone’s laughing if you’re putting yourself out there!

    Kate – SIX BLOGS! Very impressive. Apparently I have much to learn – teach me o wise blogger. And I am so with you on icanhascheezburger – Aaron and I think that one is too funny. My favorite:


    And hulu! Who could be TV-less without it?

    Thanks for checking in – I”ll have to pop on over to yours and Stu’s blogs sometime soon.

  4. Kate

    Hey Marissa,

    I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘wise blogger,’ I just talk too much!!! :p I do enjoy keeping things organized which is why I have six…although, one of them I don’t use too often and one of which is a group written blog…

    HULU is my favorite! I was in marketing class the other morning, rating the superbowl commercials (yes, we took a whole class period for that!!) and the one for HULU was hysterical and I was laughing my head off and everyone was like “what…?” So I immediately launched into a 3-minute infomercial about HULU…sigh. I am on there every day at lunch to watch either The Office, or Chuck, or Psych, or Rocky & Bullwinkle. 😛 It’s the best.

    Anyway, stu’s blog is also on wordpress, it’s harlancone.wordpress.com and my blog is leiasdreams.blogspot.com but mine is about really random subjects and Stu’s is a lot more streamlined. 🙂

    Have fun blogging!!

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