The Truth About Facebook

This article made me laugh.

And then another part of me wants to proclaim that I’m not QUITE thirty – can I still be on facebook and cool? Sigh. Guess not.


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One response to “The Truth About Facebook

  1. Kate

    wow, Marissa, that’s amazing…:p

    Well, I still think it’s cool to be on Facebook – the older peeps don’t know how to work the Flair Board and all the million other applications…:p

    I remember when MySpace was cool…and then, not so cool.

    What’s next?




    Probably Twitter…more and more people I know are on Twitter. Stu (hubby) is subscribed to BILL SHATNER’S Twitter. Not Capt. Kirk’s. SHATNER.

    (Yeah…we’re nerds.)

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