Sleep, Beautiful Sleep.

I thought about plaguing you with a foggy-headed haiku celebrating the wonder of a full night of sleep. Instead, I’ll make a short observation and hope that it’s coherent.

I once heard that the optimum sleep cycle was a short four hour rest followed by six waking hours and so on. The argument was that such a cycle would increase productivity.

Obviously, this person never had a newborn.

Take note: 2.5-3 hour sleep cycles X 2.5 weeks = So. Very. Tired.



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2 responses to “Sleep, Beautiful Sleep.

  1. Michael

    Ahh, yes. I remember those days well. I knew I’d been overwhelmed completely when I reached for my glass of tea late one night and instead grabbed and stuck Hannah’s bottle in my mouth.

    Yeah. I really loved being sleep-deprived.

    Jessica, Hannah and I will be up next month. (I think Jess may have mentioned that.) We’re looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the family and everybody we’ve left behind up there. Hope all is well with you folks and with the wee little one!

  2. Ah, maybe I’ll postpone the “baby bug” a bit longer then…I hope new baby Burt lets you sleep soon! (I know his name is Elijah…but there’s such great alliteration to the phrase “baby Burt”).

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