Advanced Beginner Blogging

A few months ago, I ventured into the blogging world somewhat reluctantly.  But now, my feet are a bit wet, and I’m ready for the next step.  A theme.  (This is why this post is advanced beginner blogging ).  I’ve mulled over ideas from the ridiculous to the commonplace and finally settled on one.

While retaining every blogger’s rights to post whatever-they-like, I’m going to try and write a weekly post relating books and food.  You know the kind of connection I mean.  You read a book, and whatever the characters are eating makes you want to go rummage through the cupboards for a snack.  For me, this is always surprising.  For example, even though I’m a vegetarian, whenever I read Jane Austen, I want to eat some sort of meat, typically a ham.  I’m not sure why this is so.  Perhaps it’s the influence of the BBC adaptations, where the characters spend an inordinate amount of time cutting their food into tiny pieces and chewing in a very proper British way.

My one disclaimer is that, though I can cook, I don’t love to cook.  Furthermore, I am not a gourmand.  Even if I were, it wouldn’t matter, because not all book-inspired recipes may be dishes one actually wants to eat.  So, I will endeavor to post interesting connections between eating and reading, and it will be up to you to try the recipe or the book (preferably at the same time).



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6 responses to “Advanced Beginner Blogging

  1. Christy

    I love this idea! You should have a great time with it. I once attempted to make something similar to what I hoped would be butterbeer. It just sounded so tasty while I was reading Harry Potter. It didn’t work out. The recipe I was going with was trying too hard to make it taste like beer. I did succeed with Pumpkin Pasties though, and they are quite delicious.

  2. Erica

    Sounds fun! The Mandie series books always made me hungry b/c they described every meal in extreme detail, so I understand what you mean!

  3. marissaburt

    OK. We are going to have a pumpkin pasty party. Yum! And perhaps butterbeer attempt #2.

  4. marissaburt

    Yes! I always wanted chocolate cake when I read those – Mandie’s favorite. Confession: I do still have all the Mandie books. *blushes*

  5. I’ve done a butterbeer recipe, from the InterWebs, I think,…it was more like butterscotch in a drink form, but it rocked. Also? Cauldron cakes are quite good.

  6. marissaburt

    Excellent. OK. E-mail me recipes, please, ladies. I think I’m going to pick several in honor of HP6 next week. I’m rereading the book now in preparation, so I’ll have to see what sounds spectacular. Right now, I’m thinking the luck charm would be best, no?

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