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My wonderful husband surprised me with a belated birthday present.

And what do you think it was?

These.  Amazing.  Cookies. An entire boxful of my very own.

Columbia, SC has pretty slim pickings when it comes to vegetarian options.  I mean, this is the place where, when I was in the hospital after delivering my first son, I received a side of brisket with my “vegetarian entree” (a veggie burger, of course).  Nice.

And there’s only one healthy supermarket here that I know of that carries these vegan cookies.  So, whenever I see one, I snatch a Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice Cookie.  But everyone else must love them too, because only about 50% of the time are they in stock.

Now, I have a secret stash designated FOR MARISSA ONLY – WRITING INSPIRATION INSIDE.  Bliss.


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Vacation Post

In the interest of vacation and mad revisions on UNA, I don’t have a Rummaging Read for you this week.

Instead I give you the opposite: a food item with writing (or the lack thereof) on it.  I give you…drumroll please…Cake Wrecks. Enjoy!

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