Just to prepare you…

I have a feeling we might get some meaty Rummaging Reads soon.  After ten years, this is my last week as a vegetarian (yikes!), well, pescatarian to be precise.  For a variety of reasons — two little boys topping the list — I am going ex-veg.  Which is what my husband likes to call normal.

Now it’s time to pull out some old family recipes and browse for some new cookbooks that will teach me how to properly prepare meat.  Anyone have any recommended favorites?



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9 responses to “Just to prepare you…

  1. Ooh, it’s fun that you’ll be a carnivore again. Check out this website for some great recipes.


  2. Marissa,

    I had a friend who was vegan forever! She got pregnant with her first child & said she never looked back. She craved all things meat so badly!

    I couldn’t give it up. I have so much respect for those who do.

    I’ve always found foodnetwork.com has some great, easy recipes!

    Good luck!

    xoxo — Hilary

  3. tnemily

    I have recipes on my own blog, http://www.awesomeave.wordpress.com – in fact, I added two recipes yesterday. I also have links to a couple of food blogs (under Food Bloggin’ on my sidebar) – I really enjoy Half-Assed Kitchen, which you will find there.

    Two other great resources – eatingwell.com and allrecipes.com. You can subscribe to newsletters and I get a lot of great ideas that land in my inbox!

  4. marissaburt

    Thanks for the links, Emily. I’ll have to check them out. If I’m going to do meat, I really want to learn how to prepare it well.

  5. The meat version of that chowder I made for you guys is even MORE delicious. It’s called Chicken Corn Chowder and I can e-mail you the recipe.

    I was a vegetarian for years but Chik-Fil-A and bacon won me over. 😛 I’m trying to cut back on meat now and am finding that I don’t miss it. But…I still love bacon.

    Start out easy – make fajitas with onions and peppers one night [grill chicken or steak], do pork chops and mashed potatoes and green beans another night [pork chops marinated or put in the shake n’ bake stuff just cook for 1/2 an hour, they’re great!], etc. Shish Kebabs are good, too…I have to have a mix of meat and veggies.

    Good luck!

  6. Aleta Franks

    Check allrecipes.com and foodgourmet.com
    I like these sites because the meals are rated. Reading reviews can be very helpful in modifying the recipe.

  7. Hannah Andaloro

    marissa! you’re blog is so cute! and i can’t believe you’re becoming an ex-veg! sorry for so many exclamation points:) i bet it’s exciting slash scary slash weird. happy eating~~~

  8. Suzanne

    How’s the meat eating going? I’ve been off red meat and pork for 11 years and have been “slipped” some on two occasions by restaurants forgetting to remove bacon from a sandwich, etc. Both times I got horribly sick. Was wondering how your fall off the wagon was coming along. Hope you eased into it!

  9. marissaburt

    No sickness here so far. I had red meat for the first time this week and…it was good! If I’m unsure, I have a little something vinegary to help with the acid, but so far my system is responding really well. Now to learn how to prepare it. Hope you’re doing well. M

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