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Kindle Contest

I don’t often post contest links, but I’m happy to do so today.

And not just because Lisa and Laura are giving away a Kindle.  That’s right – a Kindle.

That alone should send you scurrying over to their blog where you’ll find not only rules about their contest but also funny posts from these sisters who describe themselves as: The Hilton Sisters – spray tans + brains – 4 inches + 20 (ok, fine…30) pounds ÷ Cleveland, OH = Lisa and Laura Roecker.  Makes me laugh every time.

But if their witty posts aren’t enough, you can check out their upcoming book: A Kate Lowry Mystery: The Haunting of Pemberly Brown, which wins points because a) it sounds like a clever mystery and b) it has Pemberly in the title.

Congrats Lisa and Laura!  Can’t wait to meet Kate.


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