Cake Wrecks does Kid’s Lit

And they are not wrecks at all.  I’d take any of these beautiful cakes (or all of them – ha!).

Except maybe The Giving Tree, for creepy-dependent-no-boundaries-story factor.

But, as for the rest of them, feast your eyes!



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6 responses to “Cake Wrecks does Kid’s Lit

  1. Lisa and Laura

    I love this blog (yours and the cake one!)

  2. I saw your post on LiLa’s cupcake contest. You remind me of this great little cupcake place in Manhattan…;)

  3. marissaburt

    Mmmm…does said cupcake place deliver? Yummy!

  4. No, unfortunately. But if you’re ever in NYC, google “cupcakes in Greenwich village” It’s called Magnolia.

  5. marissaburt

    Aw, well, maybe someday. Another reason to visit NY.

  6. definitely a reason to visit NYC

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