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Putting the funny back in the funnies

Let’s be honest, we’ve all read the daily comics and wondered how some of them are still around. I tend to think the general consensus among readers must be the same – mockworthy comics, comics that aren’t funny, comics that have the same image for three panels with a slightly different caption – no one wants to read them. We all wish the newspaper would just buck tradition, can Snoopy, Zippy, and Andy Capp and give us something actually funny or, at the very least, Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side reruns.

But I have recently realized something. People DO read those other comics. Case in point: here in Columbia, the estimable Mary Worth was cancelled and within two weeks was back in its favored spot due to reader complaints. True story – people actually wrote letters to the editor demanding the return of Mary’s insufferably boring, yet surprisingly intimate, life.

For those of you who, like me, are about to give up on the comics, I commend to you the following sites. Yes, they reference Family Circus and Garfield, comics that are categorically un-funny. But with a few modifications, I think you’ll find them worth a read. Enjoy!


Family Circus



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