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Launch Party for A SLIVER OF STARDUST!


Poster option #2A SLIVER OF STARDUST hits the shelves October 20! To celebrate, join me for a launch party on Saturday October 24, from 2-4pm. Drop by anytime to say “hi”, and, while you’re at it, pick up some book swag, tasty autumn treats, and great fall reads from my favorite local bookstore ParkPlace Books! I hope to see you there!



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A little update to let you all know that the tentative title for THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN has been officially changed:

Look for A SLIVER OF STARDUST sometime in early 2015.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Exciting News!

I’m thrilled to announce that my wonderful editor at HarperCollins Children’s, Erica Sussman, has acquired my next two books, due out in spring 2015 and 2016 respectively.  Hooray!  I am so thankful to be working with Laura, Erica, and the wonderful team at Harper again!

About THERE WAS A CROOKED MAN (HarperCollins Children’s, Winter 2015):

Eleven-year-old Wren Matthews has always known she’s weird.  Unschooled, happily solitary, and obsessed with astronomy, the only place Wren fits in is the regional homeschool conference.  When a mysterious visitor appears and invites Wren and her long-time science-rival Simon Barker to join the ancient guild of magicians known as the Fiddlers, things get a whole lot weirder.  As apprentice Fiddlers, Wren and Simon have a lot to learn, but their ordinary alchemy lessons are soon overshadowed by tainted legends of Mother Goose, battling alchemists, and dreams of the dangerous otherworld, the Land of Nod.

The sequel, tentatively titled, STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT, is due out in Winter 2016.

My husband Aaron tells me that my blurbs aren’t snappy enough, so he offered to compose the one below for me.  You decide which is more enticing.  🙂

Wren Matthews has super powers that will destroy your face. Read this or else. PS: It’s the funniest story you’ve ever read but full of romance, adventure, and ninjas eating cheeseburgers. Did you like Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? They stink compared to this.


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