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A Rummaging Read: A Homemade Life

For Christmas I received Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen Table.  This whole book is a rummaging read!

Molly’s vignettes are full of poignant humor and delicious descriptions, and the recipes will definitely catch your attention.  This was a half-brutal, half-delightful read for a woman three months pregnant, as I fought the impulse to rush right out and make each recipe as I read it.

Perhaps the thing I enjoyed the most is that Molly doesn’t mess around with any light alternatives.  These recipes are the real deal and don’t shy away from butter, oil, or loads of chocolate.  Instead they offer gourmet, well-prepared options with, in my opinion, a European flavor.  So check out the book, and if you want more of Molly’s writing, visit her blog Orangette


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