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The Tale of Una Fairchild…coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Well, it’s official, even if I can hardly believe it!  Here’s the announcement from the Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf:

Erica Sussman at HarperCollins Children’s Books has bought world English-language rights to two middle-grade novels by debut author Marissa Burt.  The first, tentatively titled The Tale of Una Fairchild, is currently slated for a winter 2012 release.  The fantasy novel follows 12-year-old misfit Una, who stumbles into an otherworld and an ongoing battle between good and evil.  Agent Laura Langlie negotiated the deal.


So a huge thank you to all of you who have been pulling for UNA, who read rough (and I mean, rough) early drafts of the manuscript, and who have been so encouraging and supportive.  And many, many thanks to all my family: for dreaming with me, for good advice and feedback, and for all the babysitting hours.  Add that to all the appreciation I have for the hard work of my agent Laura Langlie and the investment of Erica Sussman at HarperCollins, and I might just go prepare a thanksgiving feast in the middle of March!

Thanks again, everyone, and I’ll keep you posted on book news as it comes in.



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A reluctant blogger…

It all started quite innocently.  I was expecting my first son in October of 2006 and joined a forum for other moms-to-be.  Thus began my foray into the realm of BFP’s and LOL’s and DH’s and all the rest.  Then came Facebook.  Didn’t even fight it.  After being sucked in to the point where I would neurotically check Facebook updates several times a day, the novelty passed, and it has diminished and become a useful social networking tool.  But this was all before I started reading other people’s blogs.  Then I discovered the world of smartly written opinion pieces, social commentary, or just links to things that made me laugh.  It’s like how you can’t stop eating after just one chip.  There is ALWAYS something of interest out there and someone interesting writing about it.  Which is why I arranged my Google Reader account yesterday.  And why I started my own blog today.

I feel like I should offer a whole truckload of disclaimers here, for there is something inherently arrogant about starting a blog.  There’s the normal part of self-expression, but then there’s also the assumption that someone would actually want to read my thoughts.  I’ve journaled ever since I can remember, but there’s a hidden-ness to that, a protection about the secrecy.  Sure, I used to daydream that people one day would read my profound reflections on seventh-period study hall, but I didn’t actually hand the journal over to my classmates.  Or my teachers.  Or my parents.  Or any other person who might have a passing interest.

So, like it or not, I’ve made the slow march from the Luddite ranks through the baby steps of social networking…to the blog.  It’s a scary world out there, fellow bloggers, but I am stepping out, throwing off the shackles of reluctance, and overcoming my unwillingness to join the conversation.  Besides, I have a book to promote.  Try to ignore the inconsistency.  I have difficulty admitting I’m confident enough to post my thoughts on-line for everyone to read, but I have no problem thrusting a whole novel on anyone who will listen and saying, “Read it!  Read it!”

The key difference being: the novel is not about me.  It’s about Una Fairchild, an extraordinary girl who is worth reading about.  You’re interested, you say?  Well, keep checking back in.  As soon as the time is right, I’ll post more about UNA here.



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